Heart to Heart, CHINA

HUAJIADI Experimental Primary School, Beijing.
Exactly 600 days before the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games in more than 200 elementary and middle schools across the country has been started the impressive project "Heart-to-Heart partnership." Each of the participating schools has been twinned with a school in one of the foreign countries that are part of the "Olympic family" in order to achieve the motto "One World - One Dream".
During the lessons, the students were able to know more about the sister country: learning data, general information, and even entertain a contact by e-mail with the partner school. While visiting the elementary school Huajiadi Beijing each class has demonstrated how they are prepared to be the host country of the Olympic Games. "I believe that through the" Heart-to-Heart "we learned a lot of other parts of the world. At the same time elsewhere people learn more from China and Beijing. So we know each other better”, says a girl at the end of the show.