Curanderos, PERU

Curanderismo in Peru is usually the first point of call for anyone suffering from an illness or to treat a wide range of social, spiritual, psychological, and physical problems.
Curanderos are often respected members of the community and their powers are considered supernatural, as it is commonly believed that many illnesses are caused by lost malevolent spirits, a lesson from God, or curse.
In Peru are existing various places nationally known for healers practices of its inhabitants like Huasao, a town near Cuzco, or ritual centers like the lakes “Huaringas” in the highlands of Huancabamba, northern Peru, with magnetic characteristics for health and religious worship.
The “Mercado de Brujas” is located within the well known “Mercado Modelo” in Chiclayo where herbalists, witch doctors and healers do their business. At the market you can find all kind of herbs, spices, bones, animal parts and more, needed by curanderos.