ADOBE "dj-b-t"

ADOBE is a natural building material which can be dated back to 8000 BC.

Traveling through Peru you come across of one of the biggests and oldests adobe constructions of Southern America and the world who witnesses the greatness of ancient cultures. Even if some sites are seriously damaged by the El Nino phenomenon, earthquakes and looters you can still intuiting the superb handicraft and the complexity of the buildings.
The photographic work describes some of the most important archeological sites of Peru and will be a document of the actual status of conservation.

The term "adobe" has existed for around 4000 years and can be traced from the Middle Egyptian word "dj-b-t" (mud brick). In the Coptic dj-b-t became "tobe" (brick) which was borrowed into Arabic as "al-tub" and assimilated into Old Spanish as "adobe" still with the meaning mud brick. In the 18th century the word was borrowed directly in English.